Slash the cost of your Business Calls

Slash the cost of your business calls
A “How to” real world case-study


Is your current business telephone system working for you?

How would you like to save £100s off the cost of your monthly business calls?

slash business calls

Slash the cost of your business calls

We can help!

Here’s how we’ve delivered a dramatic reduction in the cost business calls for one of our new customers.

A prospect came to us, via a referral, looking to replace an aging Nortel telephone system. They had reached a physical limit where the system simply could not provide enough telephone extensions. Having considered proprietary manufacturers such as Panasonic, Mitel and Cisco the client chose 3CX.

3CX is a software based Telephone System, which may be deployed as a Cloud installation or on-premises supporting a wide range of telephones handsets including Windows, Android and IoS (Apple) devices.

As the client’s business is in an area with very poor broadband services that ruled out the delivery of Cloud services due to the risk of extensions disconnecting and drop calls so an on-premises installation was chosen.

Everything went smoothly, replacing the original Nortel system including telephones. Using existing telephone lines the installation was completed and changeover achieved with no disruption to the client.


Following the installation a further review into call charges was conducted and it was identified that the cost of outbound calls was extremely high, £1100.00 to £1300.00 per quarter.


With such high cost of call charges we recommended using a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) internet based system for outbound calls leaving inbound calls to use standard telephone lines.

As a result, a near synchronous, balanced download to upload speed, Internet service was installed including two SIP channels. This allows two outbound calls at any one time and provides 8,000 call minutes. Calls to 01, 02, 03 and Mobile numbers for a single monthly fixed fee.

Whilst still early days, the new deployment has already made a huge cost saving impact.

According to our client, the telephone call charges, for a 49-day period, have been just £18.00. Combining the service and rental charge for the Internet services, with SIP, that works out at only £74.00 per month.

As an average cost and expanding over a full quarter the comparable costs will be £107.00 compared to £1100.00. This clearly shows a saving of well over £900.00 per quarter.

At this extraordinary rate of saving, the Return on Investment will be achieved within just 15 months. After which all savings will go straight to the bottom line. Not a bad result!


Why not give us a call today on 01480 414143 or get in touch via our website to arrange a consultation and discover just how much you could be saving on your monthly business call bills.

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