BT Featureline Alternate

BT Featureline Alternate

BT Featureline claims it gives small to medium-sized businesses the call handling capabilities of an advanced phone system without costly network set-up.  I thought I would compare this against the most common deployment of Cloud system we provide.

Looking to a BT Featureline Alternate

Assuming a fairly typical installation of 5 extensions, however I have seen much larger deployments. Featureline is one of those things that once you hit a given level it is costly to break free.

BT Featureline

60 Month Contract
CLI £20.00
National and Mobile Calls £10.001
Hunt Group Extra
Voice Mail
Installation £275.00
Monthly Fee £219.00
Feature Phone £30.00 each
Limited choice of telephones

CNS 4 Call

12 Month Contract
CLI Included
National and Mobile Calls Included2
Hunt Group Included
Voice Mail
Installation £150.00
Monthly Fee £69.00
Free Phone when using software plus headset
Wide range of telephones starting from £49.00

We deliver your telephone lines via SIP. You will require an Internet connection to use this technology however most businesses have an ADSL or Fibre (FTTP) connection as a minimum. If you are moving into new premises we can help here also with our Internet connections.
It makes sense to retain previously published telephone numbers, we can port these in the same manner as changing mobile phone providers. No delay, we will provide you with a temporary number too.

Most of the features provided by Featureline can be matched by our services, and you get a load more. The biggest disadvantage with BT is the long contract duration and requirement for installing real phone lines when you add extensions (which will be expensive),  we have a real advantage here, because we have no maximum on the number of extensions installed. All of your extensions use VoIP, allowing the use of mobiles, softphones or physical desk phones (anywhere).

1: Unlimited Calls
2: Fair use policy capped at 8,000 minutes per month
3: All prices quoted subject to VAT

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