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Huntingdon Town CouncilHuntingdon Town Council

So when the Huntingdon Town Council members saw how ineffective and costly its previous phone system was, the group knew that a change had to be made. HTC’s Avaya 1600 phone system and BT lines were costing the town roughly 2,750 Pounds on a yearly basis, in addition to charges that were tacked on every time a member used the intercom system.

Further, the Huntingdon Town Council had no support, so when the phones or lines stopped working, the entire office was shut down. In order to provide residents with the services they needed, it was time to bring the Council’s communications capabilities up to date.

After briefly considering phone systems from Gamma and Prism, the Council selected overwhelmingly to partner with 3CX due to its broad range of features and heralded support team.

Kate Yerbury, Huntingdon Town Council, Spokesperson:

“We wanted a more cost-effective, cheaper and more manageable service. The 3CX system allows staff to program out of office responses, leverage virtual assistant capabilities and various other hand functions. It will also save the Council money on telecommunications. We also have the benefit of ongoing support from 3CX partner CNS in the event that any issues were to arise.”

No-hassle installation for operational continuity

Because of Huntingdon Town Councils’ civic responsibility to residents, it was imperative that the transition to 3CX created no downtime. Fortunately, 3CX partner CNS was available to conduct a seamless installation which took just a few hours. And because 3CX operates on nearly all of the most commonly used platforms today, it meant that employees required little time to get to learn their intuitive telephony solution.

Huntingdon Town Council sees benefits across the board

In moving to 3CX, the Huntingdon Town Council has transitioned into a modernized and efficient government agency. Council members have been able to benefit from numerous 3CX services like out of office programming, voicemail and virtual receptionists that allow for greater mobility and collaboration. Furthermore, HTC has achieved considerable cost savings, while offloading management and maintenance to a trusted 3CX partner, allowing the Council to get back to what it does best: serve the citizens of Huntingdon.

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