Microsoft Teams as your Phone System

Microsoft Teams as your Phone System

Microsoft Teams

There are two options for dial tone in Microsoft Teams:

Using Direct Routing

Direct Routing lets you retain your existing PSTN or SIP Trunks but also gives you the choice to connect Teams to a variety of telephony providers to route your inbound and outbound phone calls in Teams.
By connecting SIP Trunks to Teams ensures you have reliable voice services together with improved flexibility and support.

Charged on a per channel tariff not per user.

There are 3 possibilities.

  1. Channel with call charges 30 day minimum period
  2. Channel with 4,000 min bundle 12 month minimum
  3. Channel with 4,000 min bundle 36 month minimum

Using a Microsoft Calling Plan

Microsoft Calling Plans enables Microsoft Teams to be a
cloud-based telephony application tightly integrated
with the rest of Team’s functionality. However, this option
offers limited exibility and can be costly. Plus, with
no dedicated point of contact and limited support to
port numbers this process can become tricky, unclear
and time consuming.
Leverage the benets of CNS MS Teams Direct
Routing to start to receive & make calls from Microsoft
Teams easily, quickly and cost effectively.

CNS Teams Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows businesses to connect their SIP Trunks directly to Microsoft Teams so staff can make, receive and transfer calls from inside Microsoft Teams.

Not all SIP service providers are the same, the SIP platforms, features, network topology and commercials will differ.

Microsoft Teams has been an evolving application for many years (officially launched just 4 years ago), and the ability to add voice has been around for many years. However, the voice component has been lacking in many aspects.

The Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) element has been a hidden gem. Without question CoVID 19 has been a shop window, the likes of which we will probably never see again. Referencing figures is difficult but there are some statistics around.

CoVID 19 has changed the way we communicate forever, and UC&C applications will be at the forefront of customers communications requirements. The advancement of UC&C would have taken many years to reach the same level we have experienced over the last few months, if ever.

There are a several UC&C applications on the market (Slack, Workplace, Google Meet, Zoom, 3CX) but none with the reach of Microsoft Teams; it will be the benchmark for UC&C applications.Microsoft has stepped up the development of MS Teams as a credible alternative to traditional telephone applications in the last few months, new
and enhanced features are being released daily.

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