How does ISDN Phase Out effect my Business?

ISDN Phase out and My Business?

1. What is ISDN?


Put simply, the ISDN is a digital telephone network that transmits data and voice over a digital line. It was introduced in the 1980s as the modern alternative to PSTN, a traditional network based on copper wiring. ISDN was the gold standard of fast digital connections for almost 40 years, allowing data transfer and internet access at 128mbps; the fastest possible at the time.

2. Why is ISDN subject to a phase out?

Since ISDN was introduced, the technology around us has changed significantly. People communicate in ways we couldn’t have imagined 40 years ago! Live streaming, video and chat are now a part of our daily lives and to ensure we can all enjoy these newer communication methods together, we need to transmit information faster than is possible with ISDN.

Broadband provides faster more cost effective connectivity pushing the phase out of ISDN.

3. What is the alternative to ISDN?

The future of communications lies in VoIP Technology. Using just an active internet connection, VoIP enables voice and video calls on a global scale. All those Web Meetings you’re using whilst in quarantine? You got it; they’re made possible by VoIP. As well as increasing connection speeds, VoIP reduces call costs and makes sophisticated telephony features like auto-attendants and call queues possible.

4. How long do I have?

ISDN is no longer being sold in most regions, with the final switch off taking place between 2025 and 2030:

When is ISDN switching off for my region?

5. How can I prepare my business for the ISDN phase out?

The first step is to start preparing your business to move to VoIP. Luckily, there’s still plenty of time and you’ll be able to use your existing ISDN system for the next few years. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to be complacent! If you are considering a new phone system, now is the time to move to VoIP or even choose an easy to manage, hosted PBX.

Even if you’re not currently looking for a new system, we’d recommend conducting a thorough review of your business’s communication needs, to avoid a last-minute panic once the switch off draws near.

6. Is your Internet connection good enough to deliver VoIP?

While VoIP doesn’t use very much data when compared with other services like video, you still need enough bandwidth to deliver voice on top of everything else your office does. Some VoIP providers suggest 5Mbps down and 2Mbps up as a bare minimum for a small office, but really the bandwidth you need depends on your individual needs and Quality of Service (QoS) priorities. The reality is, if you don’t have enough bandwidth or a QoS commitment you could experience poor audio quality or intermittent service and miss out on the full benefits.

7. What Internet connectivity is available in my location?

As more technologies are delivered by BT / Openreach we have a broad selection of speeds, Service Level Agreements and subsequently costs. It is easy to review the cost and believe all services are the same chosing to buy the cheapest.

Variations of service

As the process to phase out ISDN and you migrate Voice and Data you will need to consider reliability and time to fix in the event of faults or failure.

Avoid long term contracts, 3 years is generally the most cost effective period.

8. Should I be worried about the cost?

The final cost of moving to a VoIP system will depend on your business’s communication needs and the provider you choose. Most businesses will see their phone bill drop once they’ve made the switch! By providing a complete communications package, CNS can reduce your bill by up to 80%, so why wait until the last minute to make the change?

As well as reducing your call costs, a VoIP communications system will be easier to scale, boasting increased functionality, remove geographical restrictions (with VoIP, workers on the move can call for free) and improve business continuity!

9. How can CNS help?

Our complete unified communications platform has been designed to make switching from ISDN to VoIP hassle-free.

Our simple, affordable licenses make enterprise communications accessible for all. With transparent pricing and no hidden add ons, you can plan your migration in confidence. A CNS PBX can be installed on-premise or in the cloud depending on your business needs and if you can’t make the switch all at once, a phased migration is possible using one of our supported VoIP gateways.

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