Bad Rabbit

Bad RabbitBad rabbit

Get ahead of the Bad Rabbit threat.

Bad Rabbit is the latest of Ransomeware but has not, as yet, spread outside Russia and Ukraine.

Similar to Not Petya it was spotted by Kaspersky Labs on the 24th October 2017. It is delivered via an update to Adobe Flash, used extensively to show video in website content. The malware is delivered to an unsuspecting user navigating to a compromised website. Two key areas here, a). ensure your website is secure and b). consider all browser plugin updates before proceeding.

What does it do?

Compromised website deliver the ransomware via a “drive-by attack” where insecure websites deploy a malware dropper disguised as a legitimate Adobe Flash installer. Once opened it starts to lock files on the infected computer. The perpetrators then deliver a message demanding a ransom to release the locked files, a little over £200.00.


If a computer is attached to a network there is a high probability it will spread and lock any drive the computer connects to. This will include servers and other computers within the network.

What actions can you take?

  • Consider any updates being automatically deployed to you before installing
  • Don’t trust email links to unknown websites
  • Review links in email and check destination
  • Ensure you have a current and recoverable backup.
  • A recovery plan
  • Protect and secure data inflow to your business
  • Dont bury your head in the sand, get professional help

Call us here at Computer Network Services Ltd, 01480 414143, and we can identify areas within your network which are vulnerable.

It happens

Sometimes a lapse in concentration can lead to an unexpected problem. There is no malicious action on behalf of a user, simply clicking on a link can have dire consequences.

A statement from a client.

We have recently moved to the Safestore247 offering from CNS.  We run a network of 12 servers and 44 workstations and were hit by a serious virus only a few days later.  The team at CNS acted quickly to isolate the virus, but it had affected the system enough to require a full restore which was completed overnight and the system was up and fully operational within 24 hours of the first signs of the virus.  This simply couldn’t have been achieved with our old backup methods – it was a good job we had moved over!

Taking our advice to place backups away from the network and online lead to us being able to recover the system to before the virus and malware was deployed.

Why not give us a call today on 01480 414143 or get in touch via our website to arrange a consultation.

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