3CX February Price Update

3CX February Price Update

From today, 1st February 2017, An inevitable change to the pricing of the popular software based PBX, 3CX, however it is not all bad.

We see the retirement of the monthly SPLA licence replaced with the full range of annual licences from 4SC through to 1024SC, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. This is a positive step as we can now provide larger installations at a much lower cost producing a better ROI.

Including an increase in pricing for the Perpetual licence and a minor tweak to SPLA/Annual licences we can see which way 3CX are potentially heading towards a subscription model by pricing the Perpetual licence out of the market. As a rule of thumb an Annual licence is approximately 50% of a Perpetual licence and includes Software Maintenance it is clear to see that buying the licence outright is no longer beneficial.

Separate licencing for Webmeeting has now been retired and integrated into the PBX licence. This delivers value for money and additional functionality previously only available at extra cost.

  • Standard licence inclusive of 10 Participants
  • Pro licence inclusive of 500 Participants
  • Enterprise licence inclusive of 100 Participants

Deployment of 3CX has got even cheaper.

 3CX now available for Debian Linux

Why Debian?3CX Debian Linux vs Windows

Debian is one of the oldest-standing Operating Systems around. Providing the most comprehensive support channels. With documentation, wikis, mailing lists, usenet newsgroups, a public-facing bug-tracking system, an IRC channel.

Every man and dog tries to deploy viruses to Windows machines. Why? Simple, there is a huge install base of Windows Machines. To be effective a virus creator needs to deploy malicious code to as many machines as possible. This increases success rate with the potential of damaging more systems or making more money. Debian also raises the knowledge and skill level required by code creators and general hackers consequently resulting in a system which is more robust and secure.

Upgrades to Debian may be undertaken in place, following a full and tested backup, keeping disruption to a minimum.

CNS are a 3CX Platinum Partner deploying systems both on premise and in the Cloud using Google Cloud Services.


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