Your Workspace, Your Way

Your Workspace, Your Way is a tagline we adopted more than 5 years ago.

This was not brought to the fore until 23rd March 2020, commonly known as Lockdown.

The message Your Workspace, Your Way enabled a workforce to be able have your workdesk wherever you need it. This became commonly known as homeworking.

The 23rd March 2020 all who could work from home escaped to their dining rooms, kitchens and spare rooms.

Everything has been in place to enable smooth homeworking however not all the elements have been implemented within businesses. Discharging a workforce away from the safety and security controlled network to uncontrolled Internet connections can be a disaster.

Your Workspace, Your Way Technologies

Computer Network Services Ltd brought together an number of vendors and technologies enabling a safe and secure remote environment. By wrapping this in a support service ensuring continued functionality.

Delivering the workspace to a remote desk, kitchen table or dining table is not just one technology. Making company data available securly spans across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Data Backup.

In numerous cases applications may not be transferable to Cloud. This leaves the only option to establish remote access to office based or Hosted servers. Creating secure, encrypted connections are essential. Establishing VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections ensures the security required and backed by 2FA ensuring only those authorised gain access. Computer Network Services Ltd chooses Zyxel. Why? We have found Zyxel have a robust and reliable range of products which fits an SME budget.

Workforce communication is key. Microsoft 365 includes Teams. A platform providing Video Conferencing, One to One Video calls, Chat and many more.

Connecting a workforce to the business telephone system via deskphone or softphone. Computer Network Services Ltd chooses 3CX. There many products and solutions to this however 3CX meets SME Budgets.

If all you need is a desk phone to make and receive calls we will have Flow. Watch this space.

Your Workspace, Your Way
Zyxel Gold Partner

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