Ransomware Attackers New Target

SMBs are now cybercriminals’ favourite prey

Nearly 70% of SMBs say they have suffered a cyberattack. Ransomware is one of the most common, according to the Ponemon Institute’s research. SMBs are now cybercriminals’ favourite prey.

SMBs are becoming a favourite target of cybercriminals.

Nearly 70% of SMBs say they have suffered a cyberattack – and ransomware is one of the most common.

With almost half of ransomware victims not aware they’ve been hit until too late, equipping yourself with the equipment and know how to prevent these threats is imperative.

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Zyxel Gold Partner protecting against ransonware

Computer Network Services Ltd is a Zyxel Gold Partner.

Engaging with a Gold Partner offers you assurance of best pricing, best advice, extended warraty and access to ZCNE (Zyxel Certified Network Engineer).

Be comfortable in the knowledge that as an SMB you can trust you will be protected by best practices against Ransomware.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are unaware and unprepared for ransomware attacks. The result, according to surveys, show 80% pay requested ransom to unlock data and their businesses. SMB are easy prey targeting a treasure trove of data. Your data will be exploited for identity fraud and data crimes.

Information on financial transactions, travel history, purchasing activity, family members’ names, and identity credentials.

The best policy is to trust nobody when dealing with external businesses.

Before blindly opening or responding to emails, following links to websites THINK! Staff training and awareness of threats. How these are delivered and hidden in everyday communications as ransomware.

Five best practices for preventing ransomware attacks:

  1. Use advanced threat protection technology like sandboxing to scan emails, endpoints, websites, and external drives
  2. Check accounts to identify abnormal activities in advance and back up business data, with copies on multiple storage devices, both online and offline
  3. Keep all computers and devices fully patched and up to date
  4. Only open files and follow links that are from trusted sources
  5. Separate and restrict employees’ administrative privileges and set strict access policies like multi-factor verification
  6. Ensure all antivirus protection is installed on all devices. Including PC, Laptop, Server, Mobiles and Tablets.

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