Raspberry Pi phone system

Raspberry Pi phone system

It’s an easy to manage and cheap solution for small business set ups. You can pick up a Raspberry Pi for as little as £60, pair it with a 3CX Standard 8SC license for free, and get your SIP trunk for outbound calls. You don’t even need to purchase any additional devices, such as IP phones, as you can simply use the 3CX web app or smartphone apps for iOS and Android. What’s more, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet (and your wallet!) with a more energy efficient solution. The average server consumes 20.4kWH daily – the same amount that the Pi consumes in a whole year!

Will 3CX Raspberry Pi Phone System work for my company?

The 3CX Raspberry Pi solution is ideal for small companies and organizations that only need a maximum of 8 simultaneous calls. It will get you 16+ extensions and 8 BLF settings for each one to boot. So if you’re:

  • An SME with limited resources
  • A small organization in need of a reliable, cheap and easy to use internal communications system
  • A business owner working out of a home office wanting a separate, private business line

Then a 3CX Raspberry Pi Phone System would work for you.

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Raspberry Pi phone system

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