Business SIP Lines

Business SIP Lines

There is a reluctance in business to transfer traditional telephone lines to an alternate  SIP connection.

Why? This defeats me. The call quality, if installed correctly, is as good as traditional telephone lines.

The cost advantage to utilising SIP is outstanding. Typically an ISDN channel, a minimum of two per line, costs £22 each making a line cost of £44.00 per month. In addition to service charges we must consider call costs. There is no typical or standard charging model for SIP. Providers choose how they bundle and sell the service. This gives you the choice to select a small monthly payment, an example is £10.99 for unlimited number of channels, through to £8-10 for a single channel with a bundle of minutes included. You choose which suits your calling rate. If this you struggle in working this out then seek professional advice.

Two examples are:


We supply channels with bundled minutes. The cost per channel, ability to make or receive a telephone call, costs £8.50 per month inclusive of 2000 minutes of landline calls per month. Replacing a typical 2 ISDN2e installation with this technology would cost £34.00 per month, just slightly less than ISDN however all call charges to 01, 02, and 03 numbers are included in the minutes bundle. More Information


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