Office365 and Why?

General office productivity software packages, including word processing, spreadsheets and email, were implemented on-premise at a customer’s office. A wide variety of software and services have  moved to the cloud. Microsoft has embraced online offerings for its productivity software. In 2011, Microsoft released Office 365, which replaced its previous hosted software offering, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Service. A core component of Office 365 is email hosting, through a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft improved the product’s email security in early 2014 replacing Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) with Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

Office365 has a service plan which will meet most individuals, business, charities and government organisations.

Licence Plans

Purchase is via subscription either directly with Microsoft or through a reseller. Subscriptions range from zero cost for charities through to the highest plan inclusive of many features at £25.70. Most small and medium sized business choose Office365 Business Premium at £7.80 per user per month.

Office365 delivers many features, the key benefit is access to all the Microsoft Office suit plus Exchange Online. All applications and services are accessible on up to 5 PC or Mac systems and 5 mobile devices. Microsoft provides access to online versions of the Office suit and email. Consequently resulting in licence compliance.

Version control is managed by Microsoft so you will never have a different version to a co-worker, supplier or customer. Yes one day every one will be using Office365. I believe it will be provided on a take it or leave it basis. No issues with different installed versions.

Historic Microsoft Office licencing allowed disk loading, install one copy/licence onto many systems. The conclusion of subscription licencing is that it is now a thing of the past. This is a good thing as we all will be using legitimate software which is upto date and secure.

In summary it is a the best way to become legal and Stay legal with Office365. It is a great way to  deploy Microsoft Office.


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