Safestore247 Data Backup

Safestore247 Data BackupSafestore247 Data Backup

Safestore247 Data Backup utilises a dedicated server and storage platform located in France or London, you choose. This ensures your data is located in a geographically know location. Offsite backup provides full system retention. A web portal exclusive for your use allows you to manage your data from the comfort of your offices.

A Safestore247 Storage Appliance

Providing Network Attach Storage for rapid D2D backup and efficient file and system recovery. A storage appliance avoids lengthy waiting times for files to down load from an offsite depository.
The Safestore247 Storage Appliance can be provided in storage capacities suitable for your storage requirements.

Safestore247 Data Backup is monitored 24/7 to ensure your data and systems are backed up as scheduled. Taking the worry from your shoulders.

Cornerstones of Data Loss Prevention


Ensuring the data you create is stored in a manner in which a copy can be used to replace an original following the deletion, corruption or human error destroys a current working copy


Replacing damaged or lost working copies from alternate medium


How many backup copies are kept and for how long


Reinstating complete systems in the event of disaster

The Trilogy of Data Backup


The data created during work activities is the life blood of any business and loosing this data, for any reason, can have catastrophic consequences on the success
or failure of the business. 78% of businesses who suffer complete data loss fail to recover and it is estimated that 42% of business do not backup all systems. Backup is only one of a trilogy of activities BACKUP – VERIFY – RESTORE.
Without verifying a backup a restore may not be possible in the event of a disaster.

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