COVID 19 and Working From Home

COVID 19 and Working From Home

Your Workspace Your Way

The ability to have a workplace wherever you wish in todays environment should be second nature.

During the last 48 hours we have experienced a spike in requests from contracted clients to enable remote working. This has highlighted areas we provide but do not necessarily promote.

You can be rest assured because Computer Network Services Ltd has a solution.

Talk to us for an action plan to provide secure and reliable communications, Voice and Data.

The situation regarding COVID 19 is changing and businesses need to plan. As the situation unfolds there may be a scenario where travelling to a workplace will become impossible.


Web Conferencing

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of contingency planning in the workplace. The ability to work remotely is no longer a nice-to-have but rather a must-have component of any business communications strategy, providing the flexibility and connection required to stay on top amidst unexpected challenges.

Other Video conferencing providers have reported a 50% increase in stock prices since the Corona outbreak. This highlights the video’s new place in our work lives.

Your Workspace Your Way

Corona spreading across the globe has resulted in the largest remote working exercise in history, with organisations like Twitter, Google and Sony asking employees to stay home in an attempt to limit the human cost of the virus.

However, instantly switching to a remote business model requires careful planning and the right tools. Web conferencing, chat and mobile collaboration are holding the key to business continuity.


Robust Remote Connections

Deploying Robust 2FA VPN connections into yur network. Allowing you to be confident your data is safe.

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Office 365

Office 365

A full suite of products to meet all business sizes and requirements.

Office 365 delivers many features. The key benefit is access to all the Microsoft Office suit plus Exchange Online. All applications and services are accessible on up to 5 PC or Mac systems and 5 mobile devices. Microsoft provides access to online versions of the Office suit and email.

Version control is managed by Microsoft so you will never have a different version to a co-worker, supplier or customer. Yes one day every one will be using Office365.

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