Coming soon 3CX V16

3CX V16

3CX V16 includes Office 365 integration module showcasing the dedication to open and secure industry standards. They enable 3CX to make two diverse internet-facing systems like 3CX and Office 365 communicate securely and effectively.

3CX V16 Web Client

At last! Configure your own BLFs from the Web Client’s settings, without any administrator intervention. This much-anticipated feature enables you to manage and re-position your BLFs to your liking.

The updated v16 Web Client also includes new unified “Switchboard” views to monitor and manage All Calls and Queue Calls, including:

  • Manager action shortcuts to login and logout managed queue agents.
  • Queue agent status info and individual call statistics per queue.
  • Analytic info and statistics for all calls and managed queues.


3CX V16 Monitor

With 3CX V16  the new opt-in Instance Manager to optionally enable 3CX and authorized resellers. Inspired by internal monitoring tools, managed systems can be actively monitored. Ensuring resource usage, updated and proactively repaired for commonly faced issues. Enabling the Instance Manager requires no network or firewall configuration. Leading to higher reliability for monitored and managed 3CX systems. We always value your data privacy, so you always have full control of what is transparently shared and managed through this service.

The new 3CX V16 will bring with it a significant performance and security update with built-in support for HTTPS/2 in the nginx web server. At the same time ensuring backwards compatibility with older clients and devices. For tech insiders and professionals, this simply means a raw speed and performance upgrade to take your 3CX experience up a notch!

Computer Network Services Ltd is a 3CX Platinum partner. With over 1000 endpoint installations to date we have the knowledge and experince to deliver a phone system designed for your business.

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