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Cyber EssentialsCyber Essentials


Acquiring Cyber Essentials in our view is leading by example to ensure we meet the criteria Computer Network Services Ltd has achieved the Government backed Cyber security certification. It is easy to assume data stored on your network is safe. It is not until you have an external party test against recognised standards can you be 100% sure.

This sets a good base line for organisations in all sectors.

Over the coming months we will be advising clients to follow suit proving that their networks are secure from external and internal attack. The process is straight forward and we will be assisting support clients to gain the same certification. The process includes a review of how systems are protected against Viruses and Malware, recovery procedures in the event of data loss/corruption/virus attack and a firewall scanning – a penetration test to identify any weaknesses.


It is our first foundation stone towards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On the 25th  of May 2018 this will be an EU Regulation and subsequently UK Law.

GDPR will stop or control the collecting of information which has no value to our business relationship. If we do collect this information, and have a valid reason for it, we need to protect it. This is where some or all the above applies.

It is very well having an IT infrastructure as tight as a drum. If an employee of my company can see, copy and distribute that information at will. Policies and controls need to be in place to protect the information and specifically the individual, a “Duty of Care”.

Here is some further reading summarising  the key elements of GDPR. We will add our own approach to this

We  will issue more on this subject over the following  weeks and months on this subject so keep in touch and follow us on Twitter to receive updates.


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