SIP Trunks from CNS

SIP Trunks and ISDN Alternate

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are a great alternative to ISDN, not only are they more cost-effective, they are considerably more flexible.
SIP Trunks connect to an onsite PBX/Telephone System just like an ISDN line would, but the difference is they are delivered over an internet connection rather than many pairs of copper or fibre cables.

SIP Trunks an ISDN alternate

What are the options?

SIP Trunks vary from provider to provider, because the way each provider charges is different and often confusing, we keep it simple.

Our trunks and channels are very straight forward.

Basic SIP Channel. Call charges made on outbound calls.

National and Mobile SIP Channel, which includes 4000 UK Landline and UK Mobile Minutes per channel and Automatic Failover

We don’t have any hidden costs, you just choose which option you require.

Why are SIP Trunks a great option for your business?

Quick to Provision – SIP Trunks can be provisioned within 24 hours, so no more waiting around for an Openreach Engineer
Use any local number – Unlike ISDN, you can use any local number on an SIP Trunk, therefore if you move premises, so no more expensive diverts or changing numbers. Select numbers from any or many geographic areas and centralise your call answering services in one location.
Choose Non-Geographic numbers to project a non specific location.
Choose from a range of easy to remember numbers.
Retain current numbers, even when moving out of area.

Ordering new PSTN services will no longer be available after 2025 therefore SIP will be the ISDN alternate in the future.

Business Continuity

Our Call Bundle Trunks are built with an automatic failover, so should you have a service issue or lose power at site, your calls will be diverted automatically to another location
24 Hour Cover on service issues at no additional cost
Increase and decrease the number of channels within 24 hours
As an ISDN alternate you will find the costs to be up to 50% less.

Business Telephone System

Combine SIP with your exiting telephone system, replacing ISDN or PSTN Analoge services.

Fully Hosted Cloud telephone system from 3CX

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Call us today to identify if SIP is suitable for your business.


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