About Computer Network Services Ltd

Computer Network Services Ltd or CNS was incorporated in 1989. Our Managing Director Alex Barrett began managing the company in 1991 having been previously employed in the mainframe marketplace. Although having worked with PC systems in the late 80’s the key focus in the early 90’s was mainframe equipment.

With the slow demise of small system mainframes  adaptation became a must within the company to change towards PCs. Early machines were of course predominantly IBM. It was clear that the PC was here to stay. CNS started building systems from components and branding these as an own brand. Although successful with hospitals and other public sectors the real market was with a branded vendor.
HP was chosen as the preferred vendor due to the range of products and perceived quality, something which has proven to be accurate over the years.
As the market changed from a product sale to a service sale the business changed again and launched its Support Services package. Initially this was provided as an add on to network installations for a period of three months following installation. The intention was to avoid any post install disappointments and to cater for a bedding in period. This proved to be very successful and appreciated by clients.
Today CNS is service driven and hardware is effectively tertiary to the activities undertaken. CNS continues to build on it’s Support portfolio with the recent introduction of Foundation Support. Further information may be found here.

The business has a focus on businesses which employ up to 100 personnel. Typically a business who may have a network infrastructure and up to 100 devices. The intention is to become the contracted IT Manager.

Our Team are highly experienced and highly trained to be able to manage clients requirements and to ensure systems continue to work as they should.

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